Technological advances in energy propulsion and storage systems, as well as increases in population density arising from concentration in major megacities, alongside increasing citizen environmental awareness, are leading to a radical transformation in the way citizens move with a special emphasis on urban environments.

The main objetive of the first edition of MOW FORUM Andalucía will be to analyse and debate the challenges, impacts and consequences that the 2030 – 2050 Agenda and the European Green Deal (zero emissions objective) have on the Automotive Industry and the Mobility User.


Unlike other mobility events, it does not seek to be a showcase for a technology or means of transport(regardless of whether these are new or not).

Its uniqueness lies in becoming a platform and a meeting point where the different stakeholders can listen and establish non- maximalist roadmaps that enable the sustainable development of the automotive sector and the automobile industry.


MOW FORUM Andalucía constitutes a true milestone, an event with international reach, a response to the concerns and challenges arising in relation to the transformation being undergone worldwide in the field of mobility, automotion, transport and goods distribution.